Reel to reel videos on "You Tube"

I have started to make a few short videos on You Tube which show various recorders from this site in operation

Analogue Fan

A fantastic site of Studer and Revox machines (German webpage)

Get Reel

One of the first and defiantly the largest collection of literature for reel to reels available from Geoff's CD's, see the sample pages for a taster


Ferrograph site

A nice site for the Ferrograph machines


Phantom's reel to reel collection

A fantastic collection of reel to reels, wire recorders and more



George West's Ferrographs Site

Another fantastic site including manuals and diagrams for the Ferrograph machines



A real good insight to the early BBC, includes information about the EMI monsters along with loads of other interesting stuff

Specialists in servicing and repairs in ReVox and Studers

A great site to buy and sell vintage gear, list of events and rally's can also be found on this site


Ebay Auctions

Some of the recorders we have end up going onto Ebay, well worth keeping an eye on


ReVox Online

Lovely site devoted to the history of ReVox, in English, German and French.




George West's fantastic site to the Ferrograph reel to reel tape recorder

Reel deal pro audio

To keeping the analogue alive, Jeff Lien from USA supplies all sorts of brand new tapes in lengths sizes and widths.


BBC vt - a record

Site dedicated to the background of the BBC

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