Series 64 X (Tandberg) 1966




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this is one of the first series sold in the UK, the first was the series 6. This recorder was produced in 1966. A bit of an oddity is this machine is stereo, models they made after such as the series 11 where mono possible that this machine was expensive so a cheaper version was brought out. Another thing about this design is that its a hybrid between valves and transistors, the audio is all valve where the oscillators are transistorised.

Era 1966
Customer High end domestic
Cost when sold £123
Control type Mechanical joystick
Max Spool size 7 inches
Speeds 7.1/2, 3.3/4, 1.7/8 ips
Motors Single motor drives recorder by belts
Heads 4, Erase, Record, Replay and X-field Bias
Track configuration 4 track stereo
Signal to noise   Better than 52dB
Frequency response 40Hz - 18KHz @ 7.1/2 ips
Wow and flutter Better than 0.1% @ 7.1/2 ips
Record indicators Twin magic eye
Power 110 - 245V
Weight 10.1/2 kg
Other tech data ECC81 (x2), ECC82, ECC83 (x4), EAM86 (x2) 
Special features First model with cross-field head


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