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This is a fantastic machine from way back, made by the creators of AEG tape recorders who developed the AEG K-1 in 1930. This recorder is not as early as the K-1 but is quite close to being, possibly the first domestic variation of the first tape recorders. This machine is interesting as it has unusual spooling platters. Most recorders have 12" platters (AEG standard) and this size has been used from the K-1 to the present day. Yet this machine has 10.5" platters. Although the same as a standard reel size, it's the only machine I know which has platters made for it. The machine's operation is basic (all the functions are in German) but in short, it can play/record and rewind, and there are no other functions apart from record and reproduction. This machine would have used paper tape. Unlike the early magnetophons, the oxide is wound on the inside like almost recorders. Yet the earlier machines would have had the oxide wound on the outside. I am not sure why it was decided that it was better this way. "AEG magnetophon" would appear to be the founders of Telefunken as their first machines where also called "AEG Magnetophons" before being called Telefunkens, though I am not sure of the full story.

Era 1950's
Customer Domestic
Cost when sold Unknown
Control type Simple mechanical rotary switch
Max Spool size 10 inch platters
Speeds 15ips
Motors Single motor dives leather belts to platters and capstan
Heads Erase, Record and replay
Track configuration Full track mono
Frequency response Unknown but around 50Hz - 10KHz
Other tech data Separate unit used for amplification of sound
Special features Magic eye record level


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