1A (Fi-Cord) 1963




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The fi-Cord machine is an impressive bit of technology. From the
outside it looks dull and has very little in the way of features. For
instance, there is no rewind function. Inside, the recorder has a set of
complex belts to operate the capstan, and the motor has its own mechanical
speed governor. This recorder is battery operated using rechargeable cells.
It runs at 3 3/4 and 7 1/2 IPS and takes a maximum spool size of three

Era Early 60's
Customer Reporter Hi fidelity recorder
Cost when sold $330 USA £120 UK
Control type Mechanical rotary
Max Spool size 3 inches
Speeds 7.1/2 or 1.7/8 ips
Record time 9 minuets per track @ 7.1/2ips
Motors Single 3V D.C. motor driving complex belt system
Heads Erase and rec/replay head
Track configuration 1/2 track mono
Frequency response 50Hz - 12KHz @ 7.1/2 ips
Weight 4.1/2 lbs
Power 4 X 2volt accumulator batteries rechargable
Average life of batt 1.5 - 2 hours @ 7.1/2ips
Dimensions 9.5/8" X 5" X 2.3/4"
Other tech data 7 general transistors, types GET3 and GET4
Special features Built in loud speaker


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