Countess (Timbra) 1962




This is an unusual machine which was built to be compact and give good performance at it's time of sale. The recorder features a three head system recording at 7 1/2 and 3 3/4 IPS but the most unusual feature is the reel positions. The supply reel is located under the take-up reel and the tape goes through a 45 degree twist, is raised, then twisted back to a right angle to be fed onto the take-up reel. What's more unusual is that this is a three motor system with two motors sitting on top of each other with the rotor of one going through the other. This recorder would have had a frequency response of 30Hz to 12KHz and would have set you back 89 guineas which was about half the price of an equally good recorder. This machine is due to be restored as the metal work needs sanding and replaying. re-spraying A control knob and 4 feet need to be sourced as well as two rear hinges before this machine will look as new.


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