Belcanto (Belcanto) 1963




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Not much is known about this recorder, the Belcanto would be the model make but the manufacture isn't known. This domestic recorder shows very cheap design in the front plate and head cover however uses a three motor system which dives the recorder very fast wind speeds, the functions are very simple, rotating the control knob to the left to the desired effect then dropping the pinch roller lever forward to engage the operation

Era 1963
Customer Domestic
Cost when sold Unknown
Control type Mechanical rotary control
Max Spool size 7 inch reels
Speeds 7.1/2 ips
Motors Two spool motors, one belt drive capstan motor
Heads Erase head and Record/replay head
Track configuration 1/2 track Mono
Frequency response Unknown but around 50Hz - 6KHz
Other tech data built in power amplifier
Special features Magic eye record level control


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