Type 3 (Tandberg) 1959




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This is a lovely recorder which was not sold in the UK, it was not until the
introduction of the Type 6 did the UK see these recorders. Eventually, Tandberg
became an internationally recognised manufacture of recorders for schools
especially the language departments. These recorders were very popular and their
design was relatively cheap, with two heads and one motor, these recorders cut
down on high selling costs, the mechanism designed to power the reel hubs is
very cleaver, using clutches and a large belt in the shape of a figure of 8, the
reel hubs would drop down to engage the spinning clutches underneath them, this
creates the rewind and fast forward which operated by the T-shape control.


Era 1959-1962
Customer Domestic
Cost when sold $350
Control type Joystick 
Max Spool size 7 inches
Rewind time 120 seconds on standard 7" reel
Speeds 7.1/2, 3.3/4 and 1.7/8 ips
Speed tollarance ± 1.5%
Motors Single drives capstan and reel hubs
Heads 2, Erase and record/playback
Track configuration 1/2 track mono
Frequency response 40Hz - 16KHz @ 7.1/2ips
Sig to noise Better than 55dB
Wow and flutter Better than 0.15% @ 7.1/2 ips
Distortion Less than 4%
Dimensions 15"  x 11½" x  6½"
Weight 22lb
Other tech data Valve electronics and metering system
Special features Also supplied with a carrying case


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