TR-90 (EMI) 1961




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The EMI TR-90 came in three different styles, one of which was housed in a console, the second in a rack mounting and the third in mobile cases. The description of this recorder is a TR-90 "transportable". As this recorder is very heavy and to move it in one go requires three people, it would not fit into the portable category. These machines where well used in radio stations and would have been used all over the world. They had a great reputation for their quality. This recorder would have been housed in a van or car. The owner of this machine told me how it was set up in a mobile radio stations.


Era 1957 - 1961
Customer Inside and outside broadcasts
Cost when sold £625
Control type Full logic and remote controllable
Max Spool size f11 inch platters
Speeds this one is set for 15 and 7.1/2 ips
Motors 4, 2 reel motors, 1 capstan and 1 fan
Heads 3, erase, record and playback
Track configuration 1/2 track stereo
Frequency response 10 - 15KHz @ 15 ips
Other tech data comes in many different styles
Special features unusual drum clockwork counter

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