EL3530 (Philips) 1950




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This is an early example of of reel to reel from Philips, only one before this recorder was made for the domestic market. The recorder was built in 1953 and sold for 700 Guilders (Not UK). The recorder was very expensive and only people with a lot of money could afford one so this was not a great seller. The machine runs at 1 7/8 ips taking 5 inch reels. Inside, there are no rubber belts but coiled metal belts.


Era 1950
Customer Domestic
Cost when sold 700 Guilders
Control type two rotary control's one for winding, the other, record/play
Max Spool size 5 inches
Speeds 3.3/4 ips
Motors One
Heads Erase and record/replay
Track configuration Mono 1/2 track
Frequency response 150Hz - 5KHz
Other tech data Round magic eye
Special features Built in loud speaker


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