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This is an adaptation of EMI's BTR-2 reel to reel. The recorders were so good that the BBC didn't want to get rid of them. Once the Stereo market kicked in, it was time to update the old mono machines. These machines would have been filled with valve stages. The BBC designed a new control front, head block and IC amplifier to update these monsters. Also the decks had been modified with flutter suppressors and reel size tension select switches. All sounded good? Apparently not. The recorders now had problems with the azimuth controls and problems with keeping time and soon enough they were replaced. The reason for not replacing the machines was their build quality. These machines were so solid that after 20 years of use they showed no signs of wear and functioned as brand new. Next to it is an original mixing console which would have been used to control three recorders. It could only start and stop the machine playing or recording but offered a mixing capability. The machine started life back in 1958 and was used until late 70's early 80's. This machine was kindly donated to Vintage recorders by Mr. David Hughes, who worked for both EMI and the BBC. He also was involved in the building of the EMI RD4/4 and was very kind to donate a box-load of literature of manuals and designs.

Era 1975 as a RD4/4
Customer Professional
Cost when sold Was never sold, modified by the BBC from a BTR-2
Control type Full logic control
Max Spool size 11 inch reels or platters
Speeds 15 and 7.1/2 ips
Motors Two spool motors, one direct drive upgraded Papst motor
Heads Erase, Record and replay
Track configuration 1/2 track Stereo
Frequency response Unknown but around 50Hz - 16KHz
Other tech data Electronics upgraded to transistor
Special features Sync control and reel size selector added to the BTR-2


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