Scophony Baird (Scophony) 1950




This is one of the first Shophony Baird recorders produced as the later versions used valves such as the ECC83, this recorder was the only model series which came from the Baird company as their main line of business were TV’s and radios. The internals o this recorder show simple mechanics, the rewind motor is directly connected to the spool, the capstan motor powers the capstan and tape up reel, this recorder does not have a fast forward capability. Notice that the tape heads show that the tape must be wound oxide out, a very unusual method which many manufactures did not use this method was suppose to limit tape print through.
Age 1950
Customer Domestic
Cost when sold 55 1/2 Gns
Control type Rotary control switch for tape transport in middle of head
Max Spool size 7 inches By 1/4 inch wide
Speeds 3.3/4 inches per second only
Motors 2, one for capstan drive, the second for rewind
Heads 2 in sealed block, one erase, one record/replay
Track configuration Half track mono, Oxide wound out
Frequency response 80Hz - 10KHz
Electronic type Valve, using such as the 6V6
Other tech data Record monitor done by neon lamp, no meter
Special features Vertical or horizontal use

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