MX-55 (Otari) 1991




The Otari recorders where real pro machines but cost a lot less than expected, they were revered as the Japanese equivalent to Studer. These pro machines where very versatile, running at the usual studio speeds, they also had a varispeed which gave a 100% speed increase, 30IPS with 0.01% tolerance. The recorder also had a time code head, visible at the bottom of the machine, this recorder could be controlled by a video source, the remoter control was rear a large digital I/O connector on the back. This machine also featured Dolby HX, the professional version of Dolby, it had a Flux’s selector for different brands of tape, NAB and IEC equalisation, programmable counter with 2 store loop commands and individual spool size selectors.
Age 1980-1985
Customer Professional
Cost when sold Excess of £2000
Control type Logic push buttons
Max Spool size 11 inches with 1/4 inch tape
Speeds 7.1/2 and 15 inches per second, varispeed to 30 inches per second
Motors three
Heads 4, erase, record, playback and time code
Track configuration two track stereo
Frequency response 20Hz - 23KHz @ 15ips, 20Hz - 18KHz @ 7.1/2 ips
Other tech data Onboard computer, I/O interface
Special features Varispeed, programmable counter, Dolby HX

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