Ampex 602 (Ampex) 1956




The Ampex 602 boasted at the time to be the smallest stereo reel to reel for the professional market, though it looks bigger than the none professional Akai recorders, it’s a lot thinner making it even smaller in volume to an Akai M7. These machines where build to a high standard electronically though the casing I have found is not, the amplifiers are two separate units, sometimes these where used on their own as mic amps.
Age 1956
Customer Semi professional
Cost when sold $995
Control type Mechanical two lever operation
Max Spool size 7 inches
Speeds 7.1/2 inches/sec
Motors one, belt driven capstan and large moving pulleys to engage wind
Heads three, erase, record and playback
Track configuration 2 track stereo
Frequency response 50 - 10,000 Hz
Other tech data Recorder has balanced microphone inputs not found on domestic recorders
Special features Boasting at the time, the smallest stereo professional recorder

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