TR-52 series C (EMI) 1961




This machine, built in 1961, was of excellent sound quality and had been known to be used by the BBC. The maximum spool size for these machines is 8". However there is a roller in the centre of the recorder which must be removed to do this. With the guiding roller in place the maximum spool size is 7". The recorder uses two controls to operate the tape mechanism,. One is for selecting playback and record and the other operated the fast forward and rewind function. In the centre of the head is a cue control to monitor the sound whilst spooling. The audio front panel has a select switch to monitor the tape whilst recording along with a separate switch to monitor the record level. The second audio control panel, usually covered with a green wooden door, hides the input and output levels along with a simple Bass cut (0, -5, -10). Another build design so very important in the professional industry is easy access to parts. All major panels are connected into a wiring loom with single easy to remove connectors. For instance, the front audio panel has only one plug connecting it on the wiring loom. All the amplifier modules are held in by two screws each, making it quick and easy to remove a faulty amplifier and get the recorder up and running as soon as possible.


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