Logic 7 (Ferrograph) 1974




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This was an impressive machine by specifications but due to poor rubber and the constant wear on the heads, it proved to be a poor recorder. This machine was intended for professional use and would have been competing against the likes of Revox. Built to run at 15, 7 1/2 and 3 3/4 IPS at full track stereo this machine does have a good dynamic range. SIGNAL TO NOISE OF 60Db, .25% recorded distortion and wow & flutter of .08% (@15IPS). The machine was built in 1973-4 and cost around £300. This recorder was added to my collection in 2000. Its first owners were the well known BBC and it still has the BBC orange logo sticker under the carry handle. Costing approximately £40 plus another £60 to get fully restored again it is a very nice bit.


Era 1974
Customer High end domestic, semi-pro
Cost when sold Unknown
Control type Full logic
Max Spool size 10.5"
Record time 1hr, 36mins at 7.1/2ips
Speeds depends on model, 3 speeds from 1.7/8 - 15ips
Speed accuracy better than ±1%
Motors 2 X spool motors, 1 Capstan motor
Heads Erase, record and playback
Track configuration Depends on model, either 1-4, 1-2 track stereo
Sig to noise Better than 60dB
Frequency response 30Hz - 20KHz @ 15ips
wind time 2 minuets for 1800ft
Dimensions 515 X 445 X 255 mm
Weight 26Kg
Power 200-250V 50Hz 100watts
Other tech data optional built in speakers and 10 watt amps
Special features remote control


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