Series 6 (Ferrograph) 1965




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The last line of Ferrograph recorders using the famous Wearite decks, the Series 6 was the first fully stereo reel to reel mass produced from Ferrograph. Although you could buy a separate amplifier to connect up to the series 5 and back to make the recorder work with stereo, this recorder had an internal stereo amplifier. As a consequence it lost its internal speaker. By the time these machines hit the market ReVox and other well known companies where producing recorders which were upright and took 10.5" reels leaving the Ferrograph in the dark. This recorder came out at the beginning of the 60's, but by 1962 the first Series 7 upright came out.

Era 1965
Customer Domestic but used professionally
Cost when sold  Unknown
Control type Rotary control locked by solenoid
Max Spool size 8.1/4 inches
Speeds 7.1/2 and 3.3/4 ips
Motors Two spool motors, 1 capstan motor
Heads One erase, one record and one playback
Track configuration Depending on model, this is 1/2 track Stereo
Frequency response  50Hz - 17KHz @ 7.1/2 ips
Other tech data  3 X EF86, 2 X EL84, 1 X ECC81, 1 X EZ80
Special features  Additional stereo head space for later upgrade


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