Studer J37 Heads

In 1964 Studer wowed the world with their amazing Studer J37, made famous by Abbey road Studios when used to record “The Beatles” early multi tracked recordings. The J37 was unusual, one of the very few machines to use 1 inch tape for 4 tracks, most machines of the time and to follow would use ½ inch tape, this made it some what incompatible with other recorders though in most cases this was not an issue. In 1969 the Studer H37 was sold, these 3 and 4 track machines where fundamentally the J37 transport with a modified set of rollers and head stack, this made the J37 compatible with more machines, notibily the Studer A80 which came out in 1970. As it doesn't matter if tapes are recorded on valve or transistorised machines, this made the tapes compatible with the new generation of machines and halfed the costs and storage space needed for tapes.

As you can see from the pictures, these heads are in very good condition, though used, it would appear they have not had a hard life. The rollers too look in good condition.   

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  • 4-track heads on 1/2 inch tape

  • 3 rollers for tape path transport

  • 2 AEG reel tables and upper HUB

  • £15 UK

International sales are paid via Bank transfer only.


Collection is also welcome from Paignton, Devon UK

This recorder has been checked over and is in good working order, it comes with a 30 day return to base warranty. Please check out pictures for physical condition.

The recorder has not been aligned as I don't own any 1" test tapes therefore the new owner will need to have it calibrated, this is not covered under warranty

This item comes with 30 days warranty 

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  • Electronic failure
  • mechanical failure ( not physical damage)

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